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23 March 2011
And so were back. Crew Dogs is about those amicable folks who press the little red buttons. The page is still under construction...

You may notice that things are very different now. Crew Dogs is beginning again from its roots. I am going to draw every comic by hand for a while. There are a few reasons for this...

1. My drawing pad has been abused near the breaking point. It is currently filled with craters.

2. I am planning a fund raiser. Each origional will be up for grabs. The store is still up and running. Half of every cent earned will go towards the new drawing pad, and the other half will be donated to charity. Considering this site's audience it will go towards the AFAF.

Future upgrades may include software to help run the site (I'm tired of the work that goes into Dreamweaver) and perhaps new drawing software.

I have nothing to say about the absence of Crew Dogs over the past year.